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Trident Systems offers to avail remarkable results with a unique approach through our broad range of services to our clients to improve productivity and optimize performance.

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Consutling and training services across all the business areas.

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Trident Systems provides live and virtual services around the globe.

Change Management And Training

A smooth, sustainable SAP implementation isn’t merely a question of technology, but also of user acceptance, so change management and training can play a key role in a project’s success by identifying the changes and actively supporting the management team during the adjustment process by providing

Our Change Management process is designed to help control the life cycle of strategic, tactical, and operational changes to our IT services through standardized procedures. Through it we can manage risk and safeguard the IT services to our customers against unnecessary errors.

SAP Technical Services

Trident System plays an outstanding role in technical implementation in a challenging situation.

We at our business have the best SAP technical services that allow the clients to develop the best business run. Also, our team render the client a proper technical setup helps so that it becomes easy for the client to run system smoothly.

  3. SAP PI/ PO

SAP Integration Service

Trident system here to provide SAP integration platforms that are secure, reliable, and delivered and managed by lowering complexities of integration. We provide support integration between processes and data between on premise, Cloud applications, and other external third-party applications through various integration tools via File exchange, IDOCs, RFCs etc. With a view to deliver concisely work we provide broad range of integration services through SAP version available in the market.

SAP Business One (B1)   +   SAP ECC  +   SAP All in One  +   SAP ECC on HANA  +   SAP S/4HANA  +   SAP HCM  +   SAP SCM  +  SAP Fiori

SAP Offshore Support

Our offshore support services are available here to provide 24 x 7 x 365 for our customers by our experienced professionals. It may save on infrastructure costs, can streamline the process of our IT services and make a smooth transition of tasks because our team can continue the work left unfinished by our in-house team and vice-versa. Our aim is to provide fully-integrated solutions that result in clear benefits to our clients with resultant cost savings.

SAP/ ERP Validation And Testing

Trident’s testing and validation platform help enterprises through mitigating risk, reduce overheads and upgrade efficiency by implementing SAP testing activities.

SAP testing is performed to test the functionality of the different modules and to ensure that their performance is according to expectations. We provide a complete range of SAP testing services that includes:

SAP End-To-End Testing

Our end-to-end testing services combine both manual and automated testing, and significantly mitigate the risk of errors and defects in your SAP system.

Integration Testing Services

This is the type of testing of combined components of application to determine if they function together properly.

SAP Functional Testing

Our quick functional and regression testing will ensure that all the functional units deliver the desired output. We also ensure that the whole process does not cause any stoppages or breaks in the application.

Test Automation Services

our expertise spanning the entire SAP setup phases, we clearly understand when to implement test automation and the right areas where both manual, as well as automation testing, can work in tandem to get the desired results.

Unit Testing Services

This will be taken care of by the developers as per the rules and regulations of the unit testing for any organization. This testing is done in the development box. This is the testing done for interfaces, conversions, enhancement, reports, workflows developed primarily with ABAP code.

SAP Performance Testing

Our SAP performance helps mitigate risk to your reputation by ensuring your software does what you need it to do, how you need it to be done. Our SAP Performance testing will help you with fine-tuning the SAP technology stacks including your host platform, network infrastructure, database, software components, module interactions, etc.

Industries We Serve

There is hardly any industry remaining untouched by SAP ERP nowadays. Here you will find the areas where Trident reaches to serve their best in class practices via SAP services.


Oil & Gas

As oil and gas companies work to digitize production and services, they can use SAP systems to see end-to-end commodity management and retail processes to boost their supply chain.
Oil and gas companies must become flexible enough to maximize capital and operational efficiency by using digital technologies, automating tasks, remote monitoring assets, and more.
SAP plays a vital role in overall functional activities of industries, catering best practices on standards. It helps to run smoothly overall functional activities deriving operational excellence.


Automotive industries are fast growing industries globally. Automotive industry uses SAP ERP to track accurate data of individual products, raw materials during the manufacturing and distribution process.
It saves employee time by speeding up overall operation which prevents material waste, corrects human errors and increases efficiency since it is automated by using SAP S/4HANA.
SAP ERP is one and the only solution which gives clean data about replacement and no delivery products.

Consumer Industries

The consumer industry is increasingly overwhelmed by numerous factors nowadays.
As a business leader for sustainable growth and opportunity they need to replace legacy processes with truly digital processes. SAP ERP enables Consumer Products companies to incorporate technological innovations into their business strategy and shift product portfolios towards in-demand categories.
It enables enterprises to realize needs of consumers, make timely decisions, manage product lines and reduce operational overheads.

Financial Services

SAP FICO is an important functional module in SAP ERP, that allows an organization to manage all of its financial data.
The purpose of SAP FICO is to help companies to generate and manage financial statements for analysis and reporting, as well as to aid in effective business planning and decision-making to boost profit margins across all channels, and meet challenges such as higher capital requirements and stricter regulations.
The SAP S/4 HANA plays different roles in bringing transformation into the banking sector

R&D & Manufacturing

Enhance R&D and engineering with SAP S/4HANA is a new innovative tool for this industry. The SAP module for R&D/Engineering recommended an exclusive reference solution to support the processes of a R&D/Engineering.
SAP in manufacturing provides the data required of resource planning and production execution, covering all aspects of the manufacturing cycle from production order to order fulfillment and beyond.

Public Sector

The SAP for Public Sector innovative solution improves government performance, services, and accountability to improve people’s lives while lowering costs.
SAP ERP enables governments to optimize limited resources in public administration across a wide range of government functions, from accounting and procurement to case management and social services.

Service Industries

SAP ERP delivers effective solutions for service industries to develop value and make operations simpler as listed service industries like Information Technology Industry, Media and Entertainment Industry, Transport and Logistics Services, Legal Services
SAP focuses on enabling and managing intelligent processes in a digital world to increase efficiencies and lower costs enterprise-wide.

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